USD $ Banknotes

Denomination Obverse Reverse Portrait Reverse Motif First Series Latest Series Circulation
One Dollar Onedolar2009series.jpg US one dollar bill, reverse, series 2009.jpg George Washington Great Seal of the United States Series 1963 Series 2013 Wide
Two Dollars US $2 obverse.jpg US $2 reverse.jpg Thomas Jefferson Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence Series 1976 Series 2013 Limited
Five Dollars US $5 Series 2006 obverse.jpg US $5 Series 2006 reverse.jpg Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial Series 2006 Series 2013 Wide
Ten Dollars US10dollarbill-Series 2004A.jpg US $10 Series 2004 reverse.jpg Alexander Hamilton U.S. Treasury Series 2004A Series 2013 Wide
Twenty Dollars US20-front.jpg US20-back.jpg Andrew Jackson White House Series 2004 Series 2013 Wide
Fifty Dollars 50 USD Series 2004 Note Front.jpg 50 USD Series 2004 Note Back.jpg Ulysses S. Grant United States Capitol Series 2004 Series 2013 Wide
One Hundred Dollars Obverse of the series 2009 $100 Federal Reserve Note.jpg New100back.jpg Benjamin Franklin Independence Hall Series 2009 Series 2013 Wide